Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Opening day looming

Opening day looming. You going up?

Mt Hutt - 26 May 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Early opening for Mt Hutt

Mt Hutt is on track for an early opening scheduled for Saturday 30th May - subject to weather and conditions

For the statisticians amongst us

From nzski.com

For the statisticians amongst us, here are a few numbers to mull over:

Coronet Peak, scheduled to open in less than three weeks (Saturday 6 June), has received 50 - 100cm of snow in the last 5 days resulting in an 80cm base at the top of the mountain and a 50cm base at the bottom.

Across the valley at The Remarkables, the ski area received over 150cm over the last two weeks -resulting in a solid 120cm base across the mountain.

Up at Mt Hutt, 170cm of new snow fell in the first two weeks of May which will provide an excellent base to open on. There is now a solid packed powder base of over 50cm with more forecast for this weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

snow making

Snow making today up on the Peak hard to work out how many guns but i would say just a few for a test

Unbelievable how much snow on the mountain tops and with lots of storms through and a bit of a melt freeze scenario over the last two weeks we are gettting in to some serious base creation...

We love it

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're liking the look of that ....

Across the valley at The Remarkables, the ski area has received 45cm of fresh snow in the last 48 hours and has received 150cm over the last two weeks, resulting in a solid 120cm base across the mountain.

We're liking the look of that .....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Say no more

Mt Hutt - 11 May 2009

Nada, nyet, nein ... say NO more ........

early snow a godsend

As reported in the New Zealand Herald....

Meanwhile, commercial skifield operators are talking about starting the season next month with exceptionally early and heavy snowfalls that have arrived in the past fortnight.

And if the weather clears, Manganui Ski Field on Mt Taranaki may open today.

The mountain had a snow base of up to 50cm, enough for the Stratford Mountain Club to open the lower and learner's slopes and t-bar, said club safety services convener Todd Cations-Velvin.

With heavy snowfalls sweeping across the South Island at the weekend, operators were looking at what was involved in bringing forward their planned season opening dates.

In Canterbury, Porter Heights general manager Uli Dinsenbacher said there was 40cm of snow in the car park and 1.5m at the top of the mountain. The skifield is looking at opening on June 26.

Mr Dinsenbacher said it was 20 years since he had last seen such conditions in May.

Mt Hutt has a base of 110cm after more than 170cm of snow fell over the past 10 days.
The field had planned to open on June 13.