Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's white at our place !

It's snowing. As we speak. Big white luverly flakes laying on the ground all around our house. We love it.

Coronet peak staff must have gone to sleep after a busy night with the mountain lit up like fairy lights. See if you can count how many ... every light is a snow machine blasting artificial in to the ether ....

Here is there online snow report at 8:00am in the morning of the 24th

Last Update - Mon, 23 Jun 08, 4:10 PM
Status - Closed
Last Fall - 5 cm, 08 Jun 2008

Now this is on the biggest snow storm of the season when mortal snowfers like you and me have been up since 6am hankering to get the low down on the snow down.

Oh me oh my.

Monday, June 23, 2008

We start again

They are blowing snow on The Peak

We start again.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Antarctic depression ready to pounce

New Zealand Herald
12:14PM Friday June 20, 2008

A large Antarctic depression is roaring away in the Southern Ocean and is set to pounce on New Zealand around Sunday. It's a two prong attack with firstly another area of low pressure forming in the Tasman Sea. The second part to this system is a particularly cold south westerly kicking in on Monday in the far south.

At the time I wrote this story (Friday morning) the system was looking set to dump snow across Southland, Otago, Canterbury and Central Plateau. Some predictions I've seen show snow falling over Christchurch.

And snow-forecast.com has this to say

A strong SW flow will develop from Sunday. This will bring widespread snow to low levels early next week. Update (Thurs 19th Jun, 2am NZ time): The promising forecast for NZ is unchanged. Some heavy falls next week.

Hmmmm we will see I guess .....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sun, rain shut down ski resorts

BY SUE FEA - The Southland Times | Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Unseasonally warm temperatures and rain late last week has temporarily disrupted a bumper start to the ski season in the Southern Lakes but help is on the way with a snow storm forecast for this weekend.

Coronet Peak has been closed until further notice because of the "recent rain, warm temperatures and the consequent loss of snow", NZSki chief executive James Coddington said.......

Good news is the new swimming pool in Queenstown so you can while away your worries doing some laps rather than tear out the frustrations on the slopes.

Better news is our good friends at snow-forecast.com have a perrrty little picture

look at the temperature plummet ! look at the snow forecast!

now if you are used to northern hemisphere metre dumps you would snigger at these figures .... but for a hard up southerner this is white and wunderful

so what all you serious snowfers need to do is pray. hard. dont care what book you read or which way you face pray. for snow.

Click here for the Coronet Peak snow-forecast website

Monday, June 16, 2008

oh dear .........

Peak Report .....

Status: Closed

Due to recent rain and warm temperatures and consequent loss of snow we are closed until we get cold temperatures to make more snow and/or more natural snow falls. Our snowmakers are ready to go and we will be working to reopen at the earliest opportunity.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Opening Day !!!!! - Nottttttttttttttttt

Everyone got excited and it was looking like the biggest opening day in over 17 years ...... then huey had his way .... oh la la

Pete's first post

Welcome to the 2008 season.
This is a very short report as the Peak doesn't open until Saturday and I
won't get a ski until tomorrow morning during training What I can tell you
is that we have more snow here than I ever remember over the past 17
seasons. We also have had some good snowmaking conditions and the 203 new
Alpina Guns have all been fired up.
The new Base building is quite something. How Arrow International managed
to pull the old building down and build this amazing facility is incredible.
$34m has been spent this season. There is no doubt that the old Mt Cook Co
days are well and truly over. The whole thinking up here has changed.
We are open here at Joel and the code for the internal door is the same as
last year.
Catering will not start until later in the Month.
please call if you intend coming up.
See you all soon.